Tips For Learning French



A lot of people who have tried learning second languages have ended up giving up because thy all assume that it is a difficult task. French is a very beautiful language. Many describe it as the language of romance and love and learning it is a very rewarding process. The learning process can however be very frustrating and time consuming. French, just like all other languages requires one to memorize things and many adults fail in learning this language because their memory is not as it used to be. You should strive to make learning French a good experience rather than a struggle. In this article, we look at a number of tips to help you in learning French.


Firstly, ensure that you do not stress over learning the language. Learning talk in French should be done in a stress free environment if one is to understand anything. The reason why children learn faster than adults is because they do not stress over meeting deadlines to learn or worry about awkward and embarrassing moments when they speak. Do not force yourself to understand things, instead, learn what you understand, no matter how small, provided you remain consistent in your learning.

Secondly, ensure that you do not concentrate too much on learning the grammatical rules of French if you are a beginner.


Studies show that children learn French faster than adults because they only concentrate on what they hear others say rather than paying attention to the rules of grammar. If you pay too much attention to grammar at first, you could end up feeling frustrated before you are done learning. Grammatical rules are important if you are doing a French exam but if your motive is to be able to speak the language, try and listen to what others say rather than immerse yourself in books. For tips in learning French visit at


Thirdly, try and immerse yourself as much as possible in French. Technology has done a lot to make this easier today. You can watch movies that are in French with subtitles so as to understand whatever is being said. You can also visit French restaurants and try ordering food in French. Another way you can immerse yourself in French is by joining French clubs so as to listen to the experts as they speak the language. You can also learn French faster if you make a habit of speaking to yourself. You can do so in front of a mirror and assume that you are conversing with another person. For more details about subject French please visit


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